Kootenay Labs

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Kootenay Labs believe that medicine can be fun and that candy doesn’t have to be bad for you. We believe that through research and rigorous testing (getting high) we can finely tune the individual experience of life by making colours brighter, pain duller, and laughs harder.

Kootenay Labs do this because they’re huge cannabis nerds. Their THC and CBD distillates are whole spectrum and they use 90% organic ingredients with biodegradable packaging.

Why? It’s the change they want to see in the world. A lot of people can see a quick buck, They started with an MBA and saw cannabis as a way to cash in. This team started as farmers and stoners and saw a way to make people’s lives better through our business.

Kootenay Labs produces the finest extracts and edibles on the market because they care so damn much. The goal is simple: make lives better. Whether you’re looking for medicine, a good night’s sleep or just a really good time, they have a range of products to complement your life.

Want to know more about their products? Check out Kootenay Labs’ full product lineup on their website.