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With the right tools, you can enjoy your favorite herb more efficiently. Whether it’s a smoke queen who desires high-quality papers for her bongs or someone looking to make edibles Nordstrom style—we have everything needed under one roof! Shop today and find out what makes our customers happy: Hemp wraps that fit comfortably in hand while offering protection against leaks; prerolled cones perfect when freshness is key but minutes count too few between stations…

Most Popular Weed Accessories :

HMP Filter Tips
Oso Fuego Small Rolling Tray
Smoking Brown Unbleached Rolling Papers

5 Essential Weed Accessories:

1. Rolling Papers
Rolling papers are an essential part of anyone’s cannabis kit. Whether you’re putting together your first smoking session or looking for something more unusual, our tobacco-free Juicy Hemp Wraps and Unbleached Rolling Papers will spice up any smoke sesh!
2. Rolling Machine
Grabbing a rolling machine is the best way to ensure that your joints are always picture perfect.
Not only does it make for an easy process, but with this handy tool in hand you can be guarantee of getting one flawless hit after another!
3. Bong
The bong is a great way to smoke weed without any of that harshness. The filtration process smooths out the smoke and makes it easier on your mouth!
4. Grinders
The best way to roll a joint is with the hands, but if you want one that’s perfect every time and doesn’t have any stems or leaves mixed into your cannabis then herb grinders are what will help. Plus they can also collect kief which we all know makes for stronger hits!
5. Stash Jar
Keep your flowers fresh with a stash jar! Store them in the same type of glass jars we use for our premium Craft Series strains.

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